My MasterSpec

Within My MasterSpec you will find the most up-to-date content and resources for our clients. Here is a sneak peek at the My MasterSpec experience.

Download MasterSpec

New clients will find the downloading process straightforward and uncomplicated. Download your entire MasterSpec library in the format you prefer and don’t forget to download MasterWorks with SpecAgent. Existing clients can download their entire library or simply download the updates as well as the latest version of Masterworks productivity tools.

Latest Updates

Users can access the list of update instructions and coversion matrices.

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Licensed MasterSpec clients receive free unlimited Technical Support by telephone, email, or livechat. We offer assistance with installation, MasterSpec, and MasterWorks productivity tools.

Account Management

Change your password, personal information, and lookup your firm's web admin. Web admin's can add new users to the account and change users account information.

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User Resources

Valuable user resources are provided as part of your MasterSpec license.

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Continuing Education & Training

ARCOM offers unique continuing education and training opportunities for Licensed Users, including:

FREE Independent Study — Earn CE credits from AIA whenever and wherever you choose.
Webinars — Take your lunch break with us. Learn more about using your productivity tools during regular Web-based seminars.
Power-user Workshops — Get in-depth, hands-on training on MasterSpec and software at various locations throughout the year. Earn three to six AIA, ASLA, or SDA CE credits per workshop.

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