Engineering Library

Engineering Library

The SpecText® comprehensive Engineering Specifications Library gives you ONE source for your site civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical specifications. Written by professional engineers and specification experts, this library gives you access to over 350 thoroughly researched and written specifications, manufacturer- and product-selection tools, and automated editing software.  SpecText is endorsed by NSPE.

Save time producing quality specifications for:

  • Site Civil  — Excavation, trenching, backfilling, erosion and sedimentation control; soil stabilization; piling; paving; fencing; landscaping; water/sewage piping; wells; fuel distribution; and electrical utility transmission/distribution
  • Structural — Load-bearing and load-resisting assemblies, elements, and materials used in building construction
  • Mechanical Systems and Equipment — Air-handling and air-conditioning; refrigeration; steam, hot water, and chilled water plants; controls; plumbing and hydronic piping; and fire suppression systems
  • Electrical Work — Motors and equipment connections; utility transmission and distribution; lighting, fire and intrusion detection; alarm systems; and communications

Enjoy using a comprehensive master specification system that complements your project drawings and interfaces with standard EJCDC and AIA Contract Documents

To make your job easier and reduce your risk when specifying diverse engineering projects, count on SpecText’s:
  • Answers for Varied Project Sizes, Types, Complexities, and Contractor Past Performance — Choose from SpecText complete specifications for moderate- to large-scale bid projects OR abridged specs for routine projects. You can also add outline specifications perfect for supporting your design development activities.
  • Codes and Technical Reference Standards — With regular updates to the Engineering Specifications Library, you know you are working with the latest industry reference standards and codes for all your site/civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical specification writing.
  • Sustainable Design Information — Access and integrate sustainable design criteria from within relevant SpecText master guide specifications.
  • Cloud-based Background Research — Create on-target specifications in less time with 24/7/365 access to SpecText’s Supporting Documents.
  • Time-saving Productivity Tools — Simplify repetitive production tasks and minimize your risk of errors with MasterWorks, a plug-in for Microsoft® Word that gives you more consistent project documents and office masters.
With the Engineering Specifications Library, you can specify:
  • Site/Civil — Excavation and trenching, paving, and landscaping; site water distribution and sewage collection; water and geothermal energy wells; natural gas, fuel oil, hydronic, and steam energy distribution; and transmission and distribution of electrical utilities
  • Structural — Concrete, masonry, structural steel and metalwork, and carpentry
  • Mechanical — Thermal and moisture protection, fire suppression, air-handling and air-conditioning units, chillers, refrigeration, HVAC ducts and accessories, commissioning, controls, boilers and furnaces, and plumbing
  • Electrical — Distribution and control equipment for power, lighting, and telecommunications; lighting; solar power; power conditioning; uninterruptable supply units; substations; switchgear; transformers; and metering, monitoring, and control
  • Communications — Intercommunications, public address, and display systems
  • Electronic safety and security equipment — Security cameras, access control, fire alarms, and mass notification systems

Table of Contents:

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Explore SpecText Engineering Specifications Library sample sections and Supporting Documents:
Sample Section – 223100 Domestic Water Softeners

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View Supporting Documents for Section 223100, Domestic Water Softeners


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Complete Full Length + Short Form + Outline (discounted)
Outline An annotated-checklist approach for your initial project planning and schematic design work
Full Length Complete specification text for your clients’ moderate- to large-scale projects
Full Length + Full Length plus Outline (discounted)
Short Form Abridged and streamlined versions of full-length SpecText sections for construction management, design-negotiate-build, and design-build project delivery systems.
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