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  • NOTE: Supports only Mac for Microsoft Word 2011

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Single-File Tools for the Mac

Single-File Tools

  • Document formatting tools help you adjust fonts, numbering, line spacing, headers and footers, etc.
  • Add or delete an entire paragraph; renumbering happens automatically.
  • Add, delete, or convert notes for project, editor, and office masters.
  • Jump from paragraph to paragraph with one click.
  • Choose between English and metric units of measure.

Multi-File Tools

  • Implement changes across multiple sections quickly and easily.
  • Globally implement format changes.
  • Create a consolidated table of contents for multiple files.
  • Run reports for your entire project.
Multi-File Tools


  • Format Wizaed allows you to:
    • Set document margins
    • Select default fonts
    • Alter paragraph numbering
    • Set-up headers and footers

Supporting Documents

  • Reference the documents and other resources ARCOM’s spec writers used to create content for each section.
Supporting Documents
Paragraph Builder

Paragraph Builder

  • Access a list of qualified manufacturers for the section you are writing.
  • Select your desired manufacturer for basis of design.
  • Eliminate the time it takes to research manufacturer information on your own.