Site Civil Library

Site Civil Library

Developed for architects and civil engineers, this library gives you 120+ specification sections and the comprehensive background resources you need to create specifications for site work, grading and drainage, storm water management, underground infrastructure, roadway, and paving projects. Written by master specification writers, researchers, and architects, this MasterSpec® library covers procurement and contracting requirements, general requirements, and technical specifications for site-civil disciplines.

Get everything you need to create site civil specs in less time. Enjoy your ONE source for the most thoroughly written specifications, extensive background research, and automated editing software — all on the same, user-friendly screen.

From creating your own client’s site civil engineering project documents to consulting with architectural firms, you can rely on MasterSpec for:
  • Easy Integration — This comprehensive master specification system complements your project drawing information and coordinates with standard AIA and EJCDC Contract Documents.
  • Cloud-based Background Research — Access MasterSpec’s industry-recognized Supporting Documents 24/7/365.
  • Answers for Varied Project Sizes, Types, and Complexities — From irrigation projects to streetscapes, easily navigate the associated site civil specification challenges. MasterSpec has formats sand software solutions for your various projects.
  • Sustainable Design Information — Quickly access and select LEED v4, LEED 2009, Green Globes, the International Green Construction Code (IgCC), and ASHRAE 189.1 information.
  • A Formal Peer Review Process — MasterSpec is the only commercial specification system reviewed by a committee of practicing engineers, architects, and specification experts.
  • Industry Validation — A product of the AIA, MasterSpec is endorsed or recommended by CASE, NSPE, ACEC, SDA, and other professional organizations.
With the Site Civil Specifications Library, you can specify:
  • Site demolition, tree and plant protection, and site preparation
  • Earthmoving, excavation, and dewatering
  • Cast-in-place and precast concrete
  • Dampproofing and waterproofing
  • Metal fabrications and railings
  • Water distribution, sewers, and piping
  • Natural-gas and liquefied-petroleum gas piping
  • Ground-loop, heat-pump piping
  • Underground ducts and raceways for electrical systems
  • Asphalt and imprinted asphalt paving
  • Concrete and decorative concrete paving
  • Unit paving and porous-unit paving
  • Chain link fences and gates
  • Traffic-calming and parking bumpers
  • Segmental retaining walls
  • Soil preparation
  • Plants, transplanting, turf, and planting irrigation
  • Subdrainage and drainage, water wells, pond liners

Table of Contents:

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Explore MasterSpec Site Civil Library sample sections and Supporting Documents:
Sample Section – 033053 Miscellaneous Cast-in-Place Concrete

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View Supporting Documents for Section 033053, Miscellaneous Cast-in-Place Concrete

MasterSpec Supporting Documents include:

  • Summary
  • Evaluations
  • Drawing Coordination Checklist
  • Specification Coordination Checklist


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SpecBuilder Sophisticated management tool for office masters and project manuals. Add-on software that works with the Premium specifications only
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