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As the leading master specification provider in the US, ARCOM publishes the most widely used specification systems in the construction and building industries. The specifications provide specifiers with the detailed information they need, when and where they need it. Trusted by design and building professionals for decades, ARCOM serves an estimated 60,000 design professionals in all 50 states and more than 25 countries. ARCOM’s specification systems include:

  • MasterSpec®, a product of the AIA, is used by 85 percent of the top architectural and engineering firms in the country
  • SpecText®, includes the only master guide specification system for water and wastewater projects

ARCOM includes manufacturer and product information to provide specifiers time-saving access to reliable, unbiased product information to write quality specifications. ARCOM helps manufacturers provide relevant information to specifiers which includes: free basic manufacturer listings, enhanced manufacturer listings, customer manufactuer product specs, and the SpecBuilder Expert intelligent, cloud-based Q&A specification platform.

ARCOM can help you improve your chances of getting specified. We’ll help you save specifiers research time by providing them with important product information up front. Take advantage of these multiple manufacturer opportunities to ensure your relevant product information is at specifiers’ fingertips:

ARCOM specifications include links to a list of approved building product manufacturers (BPM) related to the sections specifiers are working on.
  • Free Basic Listings — Your product(s) can be included in the “Basic” listing of approved building product manufacturers for FREE if your product meets the requirements for a section and is distributed nationally.
  • Enhanced Listings — Upgrade to provide specifiers access to more detailed product data while they are editing specification sections. Links to additional product information reduces the time specifiers spend researching product information from scratch. Enhanced listings give you a significant advantage over competitors when specifiers have to research this information on their own.

Be part of the most trusted specification systems in the industry. Our commitment to an open BPM list means no exclusivity. ARCOM ensures that:

  • Both basic and enhanced listings are listed alphabetically.
  • BPMs are carefully evaluated and approved.
  • Manufacturers do not “pay-to-play.”

ARCOM provides manufacturers an online component for logging in and managing both your initial request to be listed, and the ability to easily view and edit your listing.

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  • Do you want your products to be seen by over 60,000 MasterSpec specifiers? Every day over 4,000 specifiers use ARCOM software to make a product decision.
  • Do you have a product that’s tough to specify or doesn’t quite fit into ARCOM’s standard specification product types? Maybe your product is not distributed nationally.
  • Do A/Es ask for your spec information in MasterSpec format?

Product MasterSpec and Product SpecText make it easier for design professionals to specify your products using the specification system they are most comfortable with. ARCOM’s team of professional specification writers work with your team to modify original MasterSpec and SpecText sections, including content applicable to your products. Discover product specs opportunities.

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SpecBuilder Expert’s intelligent, cloud-based platform is an easy way for specifiers to create specifications with “expert” guided assistance. ARCOM adapts your Product Spec specification sections to the SpecBuilder Expert platform using an intuitive, plain-language Q&A format. Specifiers can revise the customized product sections for project-specific requirements while accessing your expertise. This cloud-based tool allows specifiers of any skill level to properly configure your specifications.

Specifiers can access your product specs on both ARCOM SpecBuilder Expert and your own corporate website.

SpecBuilder Expert is available for free to all specifiers, including non-MasterSpec and SpecText licensees. Find out how to better collaborate with specifiers using SpecBuilder Expert.

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