ARCOM and AABC Announce Industry Partnership


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ARCOM and AABC Announce Industry Partnership

Strengthening an existing relationship  

Salt Lake City, Utah (April 26, 2017) - ARCOM is pleased to announce that they have strengthened their existing relationship with the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) by becoming an AABC Industry Partner. ARCOM and AABC have worked together on development and distribution of testing and balancing (TAB) specifications for HVAC since 2011.

An integral part of making sure that a building’s HVAC system is properly operating and providing maximum comfort for all occupants, TAB is a complex series of testing, measurement, adjustment, and documentation that is performed by an independent agency certified to meet industry best practices. The requirements for TAB are found in MasterSpec’s Mechanical Engineering library in Section 230593 “Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing for HVAC.” AABC maintains their own version of the MasterSpec TAB specification which is available here.

Closely related to TAB is building commissioning (Cx). AABC is the parent company of the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG), the largest association of independent third-party building commissioning (Cx) professionals in the United States. Building Cx is the process of ensuring that all systems in a building work as designed. Buildings that undergo the Cx process often have fewer change orders, higher levels of occupant comfort, and lower operating and maintenance costs.

As part of MasterSpec’s commitment to provide comprehensive information, a library of specification sections was developed to ensure clear roles and responsibilities for all parties involved in the Cx process. A primary interface with the Cx community has been ACG’s CxEnergy convention, which is where the Industry Partnership was announced.

The announcement was made at ACG’s annual conference, CxEnergy. This is the second year that MasterSpec has been the sole content provider exhibiting and engaging with the Cx community at CxEnergy. The conference, which was held in Orlando, Florida, has seen substantial growth since its inception. Just in the past two years, it has grown from 300 participants and 15 exhibitors in 2014 to 530 participants and 48 exhibitors in 2017. MasterSpec is excited to support the growing Cx industry and demonstrate the MasterSpec Building Commissioning Library.


ARCOM is the leader in specifications and exclusively publishes MasterSpec for The American Institute of Architects for use by architects, engineers, landscape architects, specification writers, and design professionals involved in building projects. MasterSpec is exclusively endorsed by the American Council of Engineering Companies and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

About AABC

The Associated Air Balance Council is a nonprofit association of certified, independent test and balance agencies. Since 1965 the association has maintained stringent membership requirements that ensure members’ objectivity, integrity, and technical expertise. To this day, AABC’s foremost objective is to safeguard the reputation, competence, and independence of the Council and the TAB profession. Efforts to promote state-of-the-art TAB procedures and services through technical papers and other publications led to the development of the AABC National Standards, the industry’s first comprehensive standards for field measurement and instrumentation.

About CxEnergy

CxEnergy features industry experts on a wide range of technical topics including commissioning, energy management and technology addressing building and system performance. The 2018 conference will be held April 23-26 at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.


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