Libraries for Both Vertical and Horizontal Construction

  • Discover a unique suite of water and wastewater specification libraries SpecText® is the only most complete commercially available system for specifying water and wastewater projects.  Choose the library that fits your practice.
  • Access nine different building specifications libraries ARCOM offers practice-specific libraries for a variety of architectural and engineering specification needs. Whether you work in a large, multidisciplinary A/E firm or a small, civil engineering practice, SpecText has the library for your specialty and budget.

Formats that Fit Your Projects

  • Full Length — For your moderate- to large-scale projects with the full range of bidding and contracting requirements.
  • Short Form For your construction management, design-negotiate-build, and design-build projects and contractual requirements.
  • Full Length + — Full Length plus Outline specs for design development (discounted)
  • Short Form + — Short Form plus Outline specs for design development (discounted)
  • Value — Full Length plus Short Form (discounted)
  • Complete — Full Length plus Short Form plus Outline (discounted)

MasterWorks Specification Editing and Production Software

Every SpecText license comes with MasterWorks, a companion to the same Microsoft® Word you use every day for writing specs.

This powerful plug-in to Word makes editing your specs so much easier and helps both your design professionals and administrative staff better coordinate specification production.

MasterWorks Enterprise This add-on license allows your IT staff to package and deploy MasterWorks easily on workstations throughout your office using your firm’s deployment software.