Site Civil & Water/Wastewater Utilities Library

Written by professional engineers and specification experts, this library offers you a master guide specification system for writing quality specifications for water/wastewater utility and site civil projects.

From ONE user-friendly screen, you can access over 190 thoroughly researched and written specifications, 24/7/365 manufacturer- and product-selection tools, and automated editing software. Save valuable time specifying:

  • Water sources, storage, and distribution
  • Sewage pumping and collection systems
  • Stormwater collection systems
  • Excavation, trenching, backfilling, erosion, and sedimentation control
  • Soil stabilization
  • Piling
  • Manholes and structures
  • Asphalt, concrete, and unit paving
  • Fences, gates, and retaining walls
  • Landscaping and planting
  • Geothermal energy wells
  • Distribution of natural gas, fuel oil, and hydronic and steam energy
  • Electrical utilities transmission and distribution
Whether you work in a large civil engineering firm or a small practice, you can rely on SpecText® for:
  • Easy Integration — Align your master guide specifications with your project documents and standard EJCDC and AIA Contract Documents.
  • Answers for Varied Project Sizes, Types, Complexities, and Contractor Past Performance — With SpecText, you can easily accommodate various civil engineering project types, from packaged pumping stations and force mains to landscaping and planting.
  • Codes and Technical Reference Standards — With regular updates to the Civil Engineering Specifications Library, you know you are working with the latest industry reference standards and codes.
  • Cloud-based Background Research — Create on-target specifications in less time with 24/7/365 access to SpecText’s Supporting Documents.
  • Simplified Specification Production — Minimize your risk of errors and reduce time-consuming, repetitive tasks with MasterWorks, a plug-in for Microsoft® Word that gives you more consistent project documents and office masters.
  • Sustainable Design Information — Access sustainable building design guidance embedded in relevant sections.
With the Site Civil & Water/Wastewater Utilities Specifications Library, you can specify:
  • Water distribution and storage systems (site and public)
  • Stormwater collection systems
  • Wastewater collection systems (site and public)
  • Excavation and trenching
  • Trenchless utilities and microtunneling
  • Septic tank and pumping systems
  • Low-pressure sewerage
  • Packaged pumping stations and force mains
  • Paving
  • Transmission and distribution of electrical utilities
  • Natural gas, fuel oil, and hydronic and steam energy distribution systems
  • Water and geothermal energy wells
  • Cathodic protection
  • Landscaping and planting
  • Pond and reservoir liners
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Explore SpecText Water/Wastewater & Site Civil library sample sections and Supporting Documents.
Sample Section – 331219 Water Utility Distribution Fire Hydrants
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Short Form
View Supporting Documents forSection 331219, Water Utility Distribution Fire Hydrants



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ST Glossary


CompleteFull Length + Short Form + Outline (discounted)
Full LengthComplete specification text for your clients’ moderate- to large-scale projects.
Full Length +Full Length plus Outline (discounted)
MasterWorksMicrosoft® Word plug-in for automating spec editing, production, & reporting
OutlineAn annotated-checklist approach for your initial project planning and schematic design work
Short FormAbridged and streamlined versions of full-length SpecText sections for construction management, design-negotiate-build, and design-build project delivery systems.
Short Form +Short Form plus Outline (discounted)
ValueFull Length + Short Form (discounted)