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  • Maintain up-to-date content using SpecBuilder Desktop's automated updater.
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On-Screen Editor

  • Save time editing sections with quick on-screen access to supporting documents and other timesaving editing tools.

Question and Answer

  • Your answers to preliminary questions drive the follow-on intuitive questions presented.
  • Subsequent answers impact which paragraphs are included or excluded.
  • View and print Q&As for team member input.


  • Navigation - Jump between portions of the specification using unique navigation tools.
  • Notes - Add project and office master notes to record discussions and decisions.
  • Status - View the status of your project, including when the spec was last updated, who updated the spec, and spec completion percentage.
  • SpecAgent - Gain quick access to SpecAgent — a comprehensive, cloud-based manufacturer and product resource.

Global Settings

  • Globally format all sections of a project.
  • Select headers, footers, fonts, code, and design information.
  • Track project tasks and completion dates. 


  • Produce your project manual, including a cover, flyleaf, and table of contents with the click of a button.
  • Track section status to efficiently manage your document production processes.
  • Choose from a variety of reports to manage your projects more efficiently.
  • Use submittal logs, questions and answers, project summary, and tracking reports to increase productivity.

Office Masters

  • Office Masters eliminate the need to start each project from scratch.
  • Select an office master and designate the sections pertaining to the new project spec.
  • Office Masters save you time, money, research and change order costs.

Auto Update Specifications

  • Dynamic updates occur in the background while you work.
  • An automated service checks for updates daily.
  • Rest assured that you are always working with the latest sections.