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ARCOM’s suite of products and services provides comprehensive specification solutions, productivity tools, and resources for the construction industry.

MasterSpec® Master Guide Specifications

MasterSpec - Comprehensive master guide specifications, as well as qualitative product overviews, editing instructions, reference standards, manufacturer and product comparisons, and drawing and specification coordination checklists. MasterSpec consists of more than 1600 full-length, short-form, and outline specification sections, organized into 14 practice-specific libraries.
MasterSpec Small Project - Abbreviated specifications including over 320 sections used for projects modest in size, scope, complexity, and duration.

SpecText® Master Guide Specifications

Full Length and Short Form - Master specification system with streamlined specification language that provides a framework for writing specifications in less time; includes Notes to the Specifier, standards, choices, and Web links to manufacturer and product information. SpecText consists of more than 960 sections in full-length, abridged, and outline sections, organized into 12 practice libraries.

SpecWare® Specification Productivity Software

SpecWare for MasterSpec
Altarix™ - Provides the ability to create office masters using MasterSpec, automatically process updates, and create project specifications using questions and answers and an on-screen editor.
Masterworks - Automates many of the word processing functions associated with MasterSpec specification editing and production.

SpecWare for SpecText
Masterworks - Automates many of the word processing functions associated with SpecText specification editing and production.

Specification Resources

MasterSpec Resources
SpecAgent® - Comprehensive, dynamically updated product and manufacturer information including detailed product data, product catalogs, and product specifications; tools for sorting and importing selections back into the master specifications; and live chat with manufacturers.
Product MasterSpec - Customized product specifications based on MasterSpec.
Specifying LEED Requirements: The Best of Green from MasterSpec - Online, downloadable reference for incorporating LEED requirements and language into specifications.
MasterSpec Continuing Education Program - Free independent study programs that qualify for AIA (HSW and SD-eligible) and ASLA credit.

SpecText Resources
SpecProduct - Customized product specifications based on SpecText.

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