MasterSpec Library Comparative Table

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Architectural Specifications

BasicExpanded ProfessionalPremiumOutline
Architecture Library  
Historic Preservation Library  
Interiors Library  
Roofing and Waterproofing Library  

Building Engineering Specifications

BasicExpanded  ProfessionalPremiumOutline
Engineering Library   
Mechanical/Electrical Library  
Mechanical Library  
Electrical Library  
Communications Library   
Structural Library   

Sitework Specifications

BasicExpanded  ProfessionalPremiumOutline
Landscape Architecture Library   
Site Civil Library   

Multidiscipline Specifications

BasicExpanded  ProfessionalPremiumOutline
Comprehensive Library  
Building Architecture/Engineering Library  
Structural/Civil/Landscape Library  
Small Project A/E Library    


BasicSections for your typical projects
ExpandedBasic package plus supplemental, specialty sections
ProfessionalFull but streamlined specification text for your typical projects and contractual requirements
PremiumMost comprehensive specification text for your various projects, including those with complex contractual requirements
OutlinePreliminary specifications (for use in the design development phase) that may be added on to Professional and/or Premium libraries