Basic Listing

Take advantage of the free basic listing if your product meets section requirements. The Basic listing includes:

  • Contact information
  • Web link
  • Short overview

Enhanced Listing

Allow your company to stand out from your competitors with your enhanced listing, giving you the opportunity to provide extensive product data and technical information.

With your enhanced listing, specifiers can access your information related to the specifications they're working on without having to go to a third-party site and search for information themselves. An enhanced listing includes:  

  • Contact information
  • Web link
  • Extended company overview
  • Logo
  • Product data sheets
  • Flip catalog
  • Branded specifications if available
  • Reporting

Paragraph Builder

Paragraph Builder is a tool that helps specifiers view and select you as a manufacturer while creating their project specs.

  • Your chances of being selected by specifiers increases if you are listed in MasterSpec® or SpecText®.
  • Specifiers can select manufacturers as basis of design.
  • Icons link to your company information, overview information, catalogs, and product specs. (Icons vary based on manufacturer participation.)
  • Specifiers have manufacturer information at their fingertips when it matters most!