FAQ - SpecText

How is SpecText® delivered?

SpecText libraries are delivered via an email link to a download page.
What is a “site license“? Where can I install a “site“ license?

A site license is a nonexclusive and nontransferable right (or license) to use SpecText solely and exclusively within one organization/firm at the one physical address while the license Is current.

You may network SpecText so it can be used on other computers within your organization so long as all use is limited to one physical address.
I occasionally work from home; can I use SpecText there?

You may make SpecText available to individuals who telecommute via a WAN, an Intranet, or other secure electronic means as long as they work for the firm (with the SpecText license) at the same physical address.
Do I need to renew my license annually?

Yes. Once you choose not to renew your license, you forfeit the rights to continue using SpecText and must return or destroy the system. Your annual renewal fee allows you to continue to receive critical updates that keep your specification system current. Your renewal license also includes upgrades to MasterWorks and continued technical and specification support.
Can I license individual SpecText sections?

Anyone can license and download individual sections from the Online Store area of this website. You may click on "Catalog" from the "Buy" dropdown menu or simply search for the section number or title of the section you're interested in.
How do I add another library to my license?

It is best to speak to the product consultant in charge of your account to ensure you get the best value for your license.
What products and services come with a SpecText license?

SpecText licensed users receive an initial email that includes a link to a download page:
  • SpecText master specification text in Word
  • Drawing Coordination Considerations access
  • MasterWorks software

Once users are registered on the ARCOM website, they can access:
  • Drawing Coordination Considerations
  • Quick-Start installation guides
  • Tables of contents
  • Updating instructions

Throughout the license period, users will receive several emails with links to new, updated, and revised SpecText sections as well as updates to MasterWorks.
Your license also includes:
  • Complete access to ARCOM's user-only website which features a variety of support services, information resources, and special discounts
  • Free technical support via email, livechat, or toll-free line
Can I license SpecText as a manufacturer?

SpecText content is copyrighted and protected by ARCOM. It is intended primarily for use by design professionals in their practice. Refer to the For Manufacturers FAQs for more information.
What discounts are available?

Discounts of 5% or 10% are available to members of some organizations.

10% discounts offered to members of:
  • SDA
5% discounts offered to members of:
  • ASCE
  • APWA
  • CSI
  • WEF
What are the libraries available with SpecText?

Water/Wastewater Professionals: Select from the only water/wastewater master guide specification libraries available.

Civil Engineers: We have two options for you, specifications for your site projects or for your utility specification needs

Engineers: License the specific library for your discipline or the Engineering library (at a discounted price) for your multi-discipline projects.

Architects: Specifications with streamlined language.

For A/E firms and other multi-discipline firms: These libraries suit your projects which cross multiple disciplines and include package discounts.

How do I choose the best SpecText library/version for my firm?

ARCOM’s product consultants can help you figure out the best license and value for your practice. However, here are items to consider:

Determine the library that matches your firm’s practice.

Select the specification format that best fits your project complexity or contractual requirements:

  • Short Form
  • Full Length
  • Short Form+ (Short Form plus Outline, discounted)
  • Full Length+ (Full Length plus Outline, discounted)
  • Value (Short Form plus Full Length, discounted)
  • Complete (Short Form plus Full Lengthplus Outline, discounted)

For personal assistance, call ARCOM's product consultants at 800.424.5080 for help with selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective library for your practice, or complete a Request for Information form and someone will contact you shortly.

What is the difference between the Short Form and Full Length format/libraries?

The short-form specification sections are abridged and streamlined versions of full-length SpecText sections for construction management, design-negotiate-build, and design-build project delivery systems. These sections cover the same topics as the full-length sections and come with Drawing Coordination Considerations.

The full-length specification sections are for your moderate- to large-scale projects.These sections are typically used on large commercial, industrial, and government projects, and come with Drawing Coordination Considerations.

Are SpecText demos available?

You can set up an online demo by contacting your product consultant at 800.424.5080, or complete an RFI.

How often are SpecText updates released?

SpecText sections are substantively updated on a one- to five-year cycle, depending on the changes that affect the section. Dynamic updates are issued throughout the year as part of the SpecText license. Updates notices are emailed to clients three to five times a year. Updates include:

  • New sections
  • Updated sections
  • MasterWorks enhancements or upgrades
Does ARCOM support the latest MasterFormat?

Yes. ARCOM supports each updated edition of MasterFormat. As a matter of fact, some MasterFormat updates are brought about by suggestions of specification providers like ARCOM.

Does SpecText offer sustainability options within the section text?

Yes. SpecText includes information on the LEED Rating system by USGBC.

Are payment plans available for my new SpecText license?

No. Full payment is necessary for initial license purchases. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or company checks are accepted. Payment options may be available for renewal licenses. Contact your license renewal specialist at 800.424.5080 for more information.

Can I license and then be sent an invoice?

Full payment and a signed license agreement are required before we can email the link to access SpecText. Purchase orders from government entities are also accepted. You will be billed for your license renewal when your initial license is about to expire.

What kind of training does ARCOM provide?

ARCOM offers the ARCOM SpecAcademy, a continuing education and training program offered to users, which include:

  • Getting started webinars
  • Webinars customized for your office
  • Workshops held in various cities throughout the U.S.
  • Custom training in your office for a fee plus travel expenses
  • Technical support is also available at no cost via toll free phone, livechat, or email

For more information, contact ARCOM’s training and continuing education coordinator at 800.424.5080 or via e-mail at training@arcomnet.com.

What continuing education programs does ARCOM offer for SpecText licensees, and what do they cost?

ARCOM offers licensed users a number of opportunities to earn ACEC RCEP and SDA CDFA continuing education credit through the ARCOM SpecAcademy program. These opportunities for licensed users include:

  • Getting started webinars
  • Workshops — Earn up to six RCEP PDH or SDA CDFA credits by attending in-depth, hands-on training provided throughout the year in various cities throughout the U.S.
  • Custom Training — Earn ACEC RCEP or SDA CDFA credit via tailored, on-site SpecText seminars or workshops developed specifically for a firm.
  • Select Webinars – Earn RCEP or SDA credit through two different webinars offered to grow the user’s skill with ARCOM’s productivity tools.

For more information on ARCOM's continuing education program, contact ARCOM’s training and continuing education coordinator at 800.424.5080 or via e-mail at continuinged@arcomnet.com.

What are the benefits for renewing my license each year?

There are many benefits to a continued SpecText license. These include:

  • Getting started webinars
  • Maintaining the right to use copyrighted information
  • Continued access to Drawing Coordination Considerations
  • Updates (new and updated sections) throughout your license period
  • Free technical and specification support
  • Continued access to cloud-based manufacturer
  • Free use of MasterWorks productivity software
  • A staff of over 45 focused on providing you the best specification content, software, and resources
  • And more…
What happens if I don't renew?

You lose all the benefits listed above and you violate copyright laws if you continue to use SpecText and any specifications or office masters based on SpecText.