The Specification Experts

ARCOM is recognized as specification experts in the construction and building industries and has been trusted by design and specification professionals for decades. Dedicated to simplifying specification development, our specification writers, software developers, and support professionals integrate exceptional specification content with software solutions to help you produce specifications in less time.


MasterSpec Building Specifications

MasterSpec®, a product of the AIA, is the most trusted and comprehensive specification system in the building industry.

SpecText Infrastructure Specifications

SpecText® is the only master guide specification system for water, wastewater, and infrastructure projects.


ARCOM ensures that design and construction professionals have the most advanced productivity software and cutting-edge tools at your fingertips. ARCOM software complements MasterSpec and SpecText specification content, saving you the time and money you normally spend researching, editing, and producing your specifications.

Information for Manufacturers

ARCOM includes manufacturer and product information to provide specifiers time-saving access to reliable, unbiased product information to write quality specifications.  ARCOM helps manufacturers provide relevant information to specifiers that includes free basic manufacturer listings, enhanced manufacturer listings, manufacturer product specs, and the SpecBuilder Expert – an intelligent, cloud-based, Q&A specification platform.